Sport Augmented Teammate

Run together with your online friends. Compete withe yesterday's yourself. Get your health numbers numbers. Train with virtual leader

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Kn42. Smart Wearable

Upgrade your online connections to real world. Meet new friends and do not fear of rejection

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Saves You Time

We will not stop at navigator or joystick. Tons of different features coming to be integrated.

QR or barcode reading. Subway animation. Picture or Photo search

eXtra gLasses. Augmented Reality that works

You can run our AR app on practically any hardware. Take Epson Moverio BT200 or Google Glasses and you have an extra layer of deeper meanings

We are really excited to introduce you to a device that will change the world, or at least the way you interact with it. In the next couple of years Augmented Reality will become a reality, and we are building a device that will be your gateway to this brave new world -- XLazz.

In the interest of fair disclosure, we should mention the we have some hefty competition.

Are we worried? Will Google with its vast resources and army of geeks best us? We are not afraid. We are lean, mean, and truly passionate about Augmented Reality. We have several years of experience in AR-device development, we have strong drive inspired by idea of AR-Go - and we are encouraged having such competitor as Google. We can do it better - with your assistance!